Medical Billing & Coding Training Course

Medical Billing & Coding Training Course

Medical Billing & Coding Training Course

Medical Billing & Coding Course ten (10) month training course.

We provide on site classes at all locations near you, one on one training and online classes. 

Materials included, full training, certificate, job experience and job placement.

Train from home and get all materials delivery to your front door or pick up at any of our locations near you. All materials included just be present to learn.

We train you on Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Knowledge of all Healthcare Insurance, Explanation of Benefits (EOB), Codes and medical forms such as ICD-10-CM, CPT, FQHC, DME(and more), Forms HCFA, UB92 (and more), Clean Claims, Billing, Medicare/Medicaid, HCPC, QMB, Upcoding, Medical Terminology and much more.

We guarantee job placement after graduation or you will receive entire refund amount at graduation.

Work from home is available and subject to additional fees. Includes computer, work and much more.

We have many position's in the Medical Industry waiting for you.

We do more than train our student's we make successful people for the future.

"We provide Success and financial freedom"

If you want to help students to attend school ask about our (9th) month turn around investment that includes profit increase, tax write-off and helping other's achieve success in the Medical Industry.


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